Programming — Quality Assurance — Game Design — 3D Art — Music

My name is Michael Bo Magling, and I'm a game developer with a cand. it. in Games Technology (2014).

I have worked in many different fields, such as 3D art, engine programming, game design and music composition. I find that being able to understand different fields is essential when working with programming - knowing why, not just what.

I have worked as QA for more than 7 years professionally in the industry - on games such as LIMBO, Game Globe, Watchmen: The End is Nigh, and Total Overdose. Working with QA has shown me how game development functions in practice, as well as demonstrate the value of testing early and often.

I have always loved playing games, from the NES all the way to the current generation. In the end, a developer has to be a gamer to understand gamers, and playing games is a big part of that. An example of a game I really like would be .

Some things I know:

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